February 11, 2018: Jesus Glorified

Discussion Questions

What do the words “glory” and “glorify” mean to you?

Do they have positive or negative nuances?

In what phrases or idioms do we use these words?  (for example, “guts and glory” or “a glorified ______”)

What does it mean for Jesus and/or God the Father to be glorified?

How are Jesus death and his glorification connected?


Acting on the Word

Jesus warned that those who seek to keep their lives would lose them.  What are you keeping/holding on to that is preventing you from fully serving Jesus?  How can you begin to let that go to free yourself to serve Jesus?  Identify one concrete step you can take during Lent (which begins on Wednesday) to give it up and give yourself more fully to following Jesus.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 12:20-36

Monday:         John 1:9-14

Tuesday:         John 13:21-32

Wednesday:    John 16:12-15

Thursday:       John 16:31-17:5

Friday:            John 17:20-24

Saturday:        John 21:15-19

What does each passage say about glory? Who is glorified?  How?

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