February 18, 2018: Woman at the Well

Discussion Questions

What comes to mind when you think of water?

Do you like drinking water?  Why or why not?

What Bible stories do you remember that involve water?

Have you ever had a religious experience that involved water?


Acting on the Word

At least once a day, stop and take note of how you interact with water:  in the shower, as you drink it, washing dishes.  Pause and pray: thank God for the water you are using, and ask God to fill you with the living water Jesus offers.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 4:1-42

Monday:         John 1:26-34

Tuesday:         John 7:37-39

Wednesday:    John 13:1-10

Thursday:       John 19:31-35

Friday:            Revelation 7:13-17

Saturday:        Revelation 22:16-17

What role does water play in the passage?  How is it (or is it) a symbol of God’s mercy?  The Holy Spirit?


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