October 8: God Provides Manna

Discussion Questions

What do you find most difficult about long trips?

Why do you think the Israelites longed to go back to Egypt?

Why did everyone have just enough?

Is “just enough” satisfying for you?


Acting on the Word

Share food with someone this week.

Sunday:        Exodus 16:1-18    Manna from Heaven

Monday:      Exodus 20:1-17    Ten Commandments

Tuesday:      Joshua 1:1-9         Joshua leads the Israelites

Wednesday: Joshua 24:14-30    Joshua’s final instructions

Thursday:     Judges 2:11-19     The Israelites break the covenant

Friday:         1 Samuel 1:1-20    Birth of Samuel

Saturday:      1 Samuel 1:21-28  Samuel brought to Shiloh


How does God respond to the people? 

How do the people respond to God?

What, if any, connections do you see between these events and current events?

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October 15: God Calls Samuel

Discussion Questions

Who mentored you when you were young?

Who taught you the most about God?

What is the first prayer experience you remember?


Acting on the Word

Encourage someone younger than yourself this week.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         1 Samuel 3:1-21

Monday:       1 Samuel 4:12-18

Tuesday:       1 Samuel 7:1-17

Wednesday:  1 Samuel 8:4-18

Thursday:      1 Samuel 10:1-24

Friday:          1 Samuel 15:10-16

Saturday:       1 Samuel 15:24-31, 34-35

How are Eli, Samuel and/or Saul faithful or unfaithful to God’s call?

What similarities do you see with situations today?

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October 1: God’s Name and Moses’ Call

Discussion Questions

Why were you given the name you have?

What do you think of “I Am” as God’s name?

Why do you think Moses keeps offering excuses?

When have you offered an excuse to God?

Acting on the Word

At least one day this week, take off your shoes, go outside, and stand on the ground.  Close your eyes, feel the grass and/or soil underneath your feet, and hear God say “this is holy ground.” to you.

Daily Readings

Sunday:        Exodus 3:1-15; 4:10-17

Monday:      Exodus 4:27-5:9

Tuesday:      Exodus 8:1-15

Wednesday: Exodus 12:21-28

Thursday:     Exodus 12:29-36

Friday:         Exodus 14:5-14

Saturday:      Exodus 14:19-31


How does God work through Moses and Aaron?

Why do you think Pharaoh refuses to listen?

The Exodus story is one that spoke strongly to African American slaves and their descendants.  Why do you think this is?  Who is God seeking to free today?

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September 24: Jacob’s Dream


September 17, 2017:  Jacob’s Dream


Discussion Questions

Describe a significant or memorable dream; what do you think it means?

When have you unexpectedly discovered God’s presence?

How has God used others to bless you?

How has God used you to bless others?


Acting on the Word

Each morning, when you first wake up, write down the dreams your remember.  During your prayer time, read over what you wrote and ask God if there is a message in your dreams.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Genesis 28:11-22 Jacob’s Dream

Monday:      Genesis 29:15-30 Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

Tuesday:      Genesis 30:1-24   Leah and Rachel compete for children

Wednesday: Genesis 37:2-28   Joseph and his brothers

Thursday:     Genesis 41:37-45 Joseph works for Pharaoh

Friday:         Genesis 47:1-12   Jacob and family settle in Egypt

Saturday:      Exodus 1:8-2:10  Slaves in Egypt; Birth of Moses


What do you learn about Jacob (or Leah & Rachel, or Joseph) in the reading?

What conflicts are evident?

Who do you most identify with?

How is God at work in these readings?


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September 10, 2017: Creation

September 10, 2017:  Creation


Discussion Questions

What is your favorite part of creation?  Why?

How do you feel when you hear you are made in the image of God?  Why do you think that is?


Acting on the Word

Be intentional this week about caring for creation. A few ideas: If you don’t recycle regularly, practice recycling; pick up trash in a local park; set out bird feeders for migrating birds; strike up a conversation with a stranger.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Genesis 1:1-2:3 An Account of Creation

Monday:      Genesis 6:9-22 Noah builds the ark

Tuesday:      Genesis 7:11-24 The Great Flood

Wednesday: Genesis 8:13-22 The Flood Ends

Thursday:     Genesis 9:1-17 God’s Promise to Noah

Friday:         Genesis 12:1-9 God calls Abram

Saturday:      Genesis 21:1-7 Birth of Isaac


How is God’s image seen (or obscured) in the people in these accounts?

What kind of relationship does God have with them?

Have you experienced that kind of a relationship with God in your own life?  If so, when?  What was it like?


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September 3, 2017:  On Christian Conduct


Discussion Questions

Do you have rules or guidelines for living?

Is so, how did you develop them?

How does your faith in Jesus affect your day to day choices and conduct?


Acting on the Word

At least one day this week, try to be intentional about responding to the people and situations you encounter in the ways Paul suggests in this passage


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Romans 12:9–21

Monday       Galatians 6:2-10

Tuesday:      1 Thessalonians 5:12–24

Wednesday: Hebrews 13:1–5

Thursday:     James 5:7–18

Friday:         1 Peter 4:7–11

Saturday:      2 Peter 1:5–9


What does each day’s passage say about our conduct as Christians?  What is one thing you can do to live out this conduct today?


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August 27, 2017:  Power to Resist Evil

August 27, 2017:  Power to Resist Evil


Discussion Questions

How would you define evil?

When have you experienced evil, injustice, or oppression in your life?

When is a time you have resisted evil, injustice, or oppression?

When is a time you chose not to resist evil, injustice, or oppression?


Acting on the Word

Find at least one way to resist evil, injustice, or oppression this week.  A few ideas: write to a government official about a justice issue important to you, stand up for someone being bullied, learn about and donate to an organization that works for justice, address a justice issue in your community.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Romans 12:17–21

Monday       Amos 5:7-24

Tuesday:      Isaiah 10:1-4

Wednesday: Jeremiah 22:1-5

Thursday:     Ephesians 6:11-13

Friday:         1 Thessalonians 5:15-21

Saturday:      1 Peter 3:8-12


What does each day’s passage say about resisting evil, injustice or oppression  What is God asking of you through these passages?

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