February 18, 2018: Woman at the Well

Discussion Questions

What comes to mind when you think of water?

Do you like drinking water?  Why or why not?

What Bible stories do you remember that involve water?

Have you ever had a religious experience that involved water?


Acting on the Word

At least once a day, stop and take note of how you interact with water:  in the shower, as you drink it, washing dishes.  Pause and pray: thank God for the water you are using, and ask God to fill you with the living water Jesus offers.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 4:1-42

Monday:         John 1:26-34

Tuesday:         John 7:37-39

Wednesday:    John 13:1-10

Thursday:       John 19:31-35

Friday:            Revelation 7:13-17

Saturday:        Revelation 22:16-17

What role does water play in the passage?  How is it (or is it) a symbol of God’s mercy?  The Holy Spirit?


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February 11, 2018: Jesus Glorified

Discussion Questions

What do the words “glory” and “glorify” mean to you?

Do they have positive or negative nuances?

In what phrases or idioms do we use these words?  (for example, “guts and glory” or “a glorified ______”)

What does it mean for Jesus and/or God the Father to be glorified?

How are Jesus death and his glorification connected?


Acting on the Word

Jesus warned that those who seek to keep their lives would lose them.  What are you keeping/holding on to that is preventing you from fully serving Jesus?  How can you begin to let that go to free yourself to serve Jesus?  Identify one concrete step you can take during Lent (which begins on Wednesday) to give it up and give yourself more fully to following Jesus.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 12:20-36

Monday:         John 1:9-14

Tuesday:         John 13:21-32

Wednesday:    John 16:12-15

Thursday:       John 16:31-17:5

Friday:            John 17:20-24

Saturday:        John 21:15-19

What does each passage say about glory? Who is glorified?  How?

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February 4, 2018: Two Kinds of Blindness

Discussion Questions

Do you have any experience with blindness or diminished sight?  What was/it like?

Have you ever felt like someone hasn’t really seen you?

Have you ever discovered you were “blind” to a situation?  What was it like to finally “See” it?


Acting on the Word

Each day, take at least 5 minutes to pause and really see: Take note of everything in your range of vision.  Thank God for the good things; pray for those things you see that trouble you.  If you have diminished vision, try this exercise with another sense (hearing, touch, or taste).


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 9:1-23

Monday:         John 9:24-41

Tuesday:         John 10:19-21

Wednesday:    John 11:32-37

Thursday:       John 12:36-46

Friday:            1 John 2:8-11

Saturday:        Revelation 3:14-17

What role does blindness play in this passage?  How are people blind?  How does Jesus try to help people see more clearly?


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January 28, 2018: Jesus and Nicodemus

Discussion Questions

What do you think of when you hear the term “Born again?”

How easy is it for you to ask questions when you don’t understand something?

What of Jesus’ teachings do you find difficult to understand?


Acting on the Word

Spend some time this week journaling about a question or questions you have about the faith.  Consider talking to someone those questions.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 3:1-21

Monday:         John 3:22-26

Tuesday:         John 5:30-38

Wednesday:    John 5:39-47

Thursday:       John 6:60-69

Friday:            John 7:45-52

Saturday:        John 8:12-20

What are people struggling to understand in each day’s passage?

What does Jesus (or do others) say about who he is and what he is doing?


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January 21, 2018: Disruption in the Temple

Discussion Questions

What church building has most impressed you?

What do like most about our current church building?

What kinds of things happen in our building? Why?

What do you think Jesus might question what happens in our building?


Acting on the Word

Take a stroll through our church building; what do you see?  What does what you see say about who we are?  About what’s important to our congregation? How do you think a visitor experiences it?  Write down what your experience and consider sharing it with lay leadership and/or with the pastor.

Sunday:          John 2:13-25

Monday:         Jeremiah 7:3-11

Tuesday:         John 5:1-16

Wednesday:    John 7:14-29

Thursday:       John 8:1-11

Friday:            John 10:22-30

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January 14, 2018: Wedding at Cana

Discussion Questions

What do you enjoy most about weddings?

What do you enjoy least about weddings?

How do you feel about wine and other alcohol-based drinks?

Why do you think Jesus initially resists helping?

Why do you think Jesus creates so much wine?


Acting on the Word

Pay for someone else’s meal (or their drink at a coffee shop, etc.)  If possible, do so without the recipient know you were the one who paid for them.  Reflect on that experience, and pray for the person you helped.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 2:1-11

Monday:        Isaiah 61:1062:5

Tuesday:         Revelation 19:6-9

Wednesday:    Revelation 22:16-17

Thursday:       Psalm 104:10-15

Friday:            Isaiah 25:6-9

Saturday:        Isaiah 55:1-5

In these readings, how does wedding or wine imagery say something about who God is and how God acts?

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January 7, 2018: Come and See

Sunday:          John 1: 35-51

Monday:         John 4:4-30

Tuesday:         John 12:20–26

Wednesday:    John 6:35–40

Thursday:       John 9:1–7; 30–39

Friday:            John 20:1-18

Saturday:        John 20:19-29

What does each day’s reading have to say about seeing Jesus?  In which passages is someone invited to come and see?

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