May 19, 2019: A Letter of Introduction

Discussion Questions

How often do you write letters?  What kinds of letters do you write?

What other forms of written communication do you use?

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone new?

When you are writing to someone you don’t know?

How does Paul introduce himself to the Roman Christians?

How does Paul describe the people he is writing to?


Acting on the Word

Write a letter (or an email, or a significant text/message) to someone to encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 1:1-17      Paul’s Introduction

Monday:       Romans 2:1-16      The Danger of Judging

Tuesday        Romans 2:17-3:8   The Limits of the Law

Wednesday:  Romans 3:9-20      None Is Righteous

Thursday:      Romans 3:21-31    Righteousness through Faith

Friday:          Romans 4:1-12      The Example of Abraham

Saturday:       Romans 4:13-25    God’s Promise Realized through Faith

What is Paul’s main point in the passage?  What do you learn about God?  About human nature?

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May 12, 2019: Mistaken Identity

Discussion Questions

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

Why did the confusion happen?  What was it like for you

Have you ever mistaken one person for another?

Why do you think that was?

What was that experience like?

Why did the people of Lystra mistake Paul and Barnabas for Hermes and Zeus?


Acting on the Word

Look for ways that God is at work in the people you meet this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Acts 13:1-3;14:8-18  Paul and Barnabus in Lystra

Monday:       Acts 13:4-12              The Apostles Preach in Cyprus

Tuesday:       Acts 13:13-25            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Wednesday:  Acts 13:26-35            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch

Thursday:      Acts 13:36-52            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Friday:          Acts 14:1-7                Paul and Barnabas in Iconium

Saturday:      Acts 14:8-20              Paul and Barnabas in Lystra & Derbe

This week’s reading fill in the gaps between the first part of Sunday’s readings and the second part of our reading.

How is God at work in Paul and Barnabas?

How is God at work in those they encounter?

What resistance do they encounter?

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May 5, 2019: Peter and Cornelius

Discussion Questions

What kinds of food do you least like?  Why?

What kinds of people were you taught to stay away when you were young?

Why do you think that is?

What did Peter have to give up in order to visit and baptize Cornelius?

Acting on the Word

Have a conversation with someone from a different cultural background than your own.  What do you have in common?  What is different?

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Acts 10: 1-16      Cornelius and Peter Have Visions

Monday:       Acts 10:17-23    Cornelius’ Men Meet Peter

Tuesday:       Acts 10:24-48    Cornelius and Peter Meet

Wednesday:  Acts 11:1-18      Peter’s Report to the Church at Jerusalem

Thursday:      Acts 11:19-30    The Church in Antioch

Friday:          Acts 12:1-19      Peter in Prison

Saturday:       Acts 12:20-25    The Death of Herod


How are Jesus’ followers making disciples?

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April 28, 2019: Go Make Disciples

Discussion Questions

Do you like to travel or do you prefer to stay home?

What does the word “disciple” mean to you?

Do you think of yourself as a disciple?  Why or why not?

How do you live out Jesus’ command to go and make disciples?

Acting on the Word

Talk with someone about your faith.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 28:16-20     The Great Commission

Monday:       Acts 6:1-8                     Stephen and others Chosen
Tuesday:       Acts 7:54-8:1               Stoning of Stephen

Wednesday:  Acts 8:4-25                 Philip Preaches in Samaria

Thursday:    Acts 8:26-40                 Philip and the Ethopian Eunuch
Friday:          Acts 9:1-19                   The Conversion of Saul

Saturday:       Acts 9:36-43               Peter in Lydda and Joppa 

How do the apostles and others make disciples in these passages?

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April 21, 2019: Easter

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite Easter memory?

Who do you know who has heard about Jesus but has not embraced faith in Jesus?  Why do you think this is?

How have you encountered Jesus in your own life?


Acting on the Word

Ask someone you know who isn’t active in church what they think/believe about Jesus and why.  Don’t try to change their mind or argue with them, just listen to their answers and thank them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 27:62–28:15  Jesus’ Resurrection

Monday:       Psalm 118:14-29          Psalm
Tuesday:       Acts 1:1-11                   Jesus Ascends

Wednesday:  Acts 1:12-26              Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas
Thursday:      Acts 2:37-42                 The First Converts
Friday:          Acts 5:12-16                 The Apostles Heal Many

Saturday:       Acts 5:17-42                 The Apostles are Persecuted

How is God at work in each reading?

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April 14, 2019: Palm/Passion Sunday

Discussion Questions

Do you like parades?  What do you most (or least) enjoy about them?

If you remember Palm Sunday celebrations from your childhood what do you remember about them?

What parts of the Passion story (Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion) are most significant to you? Why?

Acting on the Word

Attend Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday services this week.  Spend some time in prayer with the readings for the week, reflecting on what Jesus has done for us.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 21:11-17      Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Monday:       Matthew 21:23-27      Jesus’ Authority Challenged
Tuesday:       Matthew 23:23-39      Woes Against the Pharisees

Wednesday:  Matthew 26:1-16        The Plot Against Jesus

Thursday:      Matthew 26:17-35      The Last Supper

Friday:          Matthew 27:27-61      Crucifixion

Saturday:       Matthew 27:62-66      The Guard at the Tomb


What is happening in each reading?  What is Jesus doing?  What are the disciples doing? What are others doing?


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April 7, 2019: Sheep and Goats

Discussion Questions

Where do you most easily see Jesus?

Who do you find it hardest to have compassion for?

Who do you find it easiest to have compassion for?

When have you been a “goat”?  a “sheep”?


Acting on the Word

Offer assistance to someone you usually wouldn’t this week.  Afterwards, reflect on how Jesus was present in that encounter,


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 25: 31-46     Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Monday:       Psalm 98                     Psalm
Tuesday:       Matthew 24:29-51,     Teachings of Jesus

Wednesday:  Matthew 25:14-30      Parables of Jesus

Thursday:      Matthew 26:1-5          The Plot to Kill Jesus

Friday:          Matthew 26:6-13        The Anointing at Bethany

Saturday:       Matthew 26:14-16      Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus


What do you learn about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus?

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