April 22, 2018: Feed My Lambs


Discussion Questions

What is your “love language”?  (that is, how do you express love, and what makes you feel loved?)

What is the love language of those close to you?  How do they?

How does Jesus ask Peter to show his love for him?


Acting on the Word

Show your love for Jesus this week by helping to feed his sheep: donate to a food pantry, pay someone’s bill at a restaurant or grocery store, or pay off a school lunch bill for one or more school children.


Daily Readings

Sunday:              John 12:5-25

Monday:             John 13:21-25

Tuesday:            John 18:12-16

Wednesday:       John 19:25-27

Thursday:           John 20:1-10

Friday:               John 21:4-7

Saturday:            John 21:20-24

What do you learn about the “disciple whom Jesus loved” in these readings?  (This disciple is thought by some to be John himself)


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April 15, 2018: Breakfast with Jesus

Discussion Questions

Where do you go or what do you do when you want to get away from it all?

Where are you most easily aware of God’s presence?

If you could have a meal with Jesus, what food would you choose?


Acting on the Word

At your meals this week, set an extra place for Jesus; in your mealtime prayer, thank Jesus for inviting you to eat with him.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 21:1-14

Monday:       John 1:35-42

Tuesday:       John 6:66-69

Wednesday:   John 13:1-11

Thursday:      John 13:33-38

Friday:          John 18:25-27

Saturday:       John 20:1-7


What do you learn about Peter and his relationship with Jesus in each reading?

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April 8, 2018: Peace and the Holy Spirit

Discussion Questions

What does peace mean to you?

What does peace look and feel like?

How have you experienced the Holy Spirit?

What questions do you have about the Holy Spirit?


Acting on the Word

When you feel stressed, anxious, or upset, take three or more slow, deep breaths; imagine the Holy Spirit    filling you with each breath.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 20:19-31

Monday:       John 1:29-34

Tuesday:       John 3:1-8

Wednesday:   John 7:27-39

Thursday:      John 14:25-27

Friday:          John 15:26-27

Saturday:       John 16:12-15


What does today’s reading say about the Holy Spirit?  What does the Holy Spirit do?

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April 1, 2018: Easter Sunday

Discussion Questions

What are some of your family’s Easter traditions?  Do you know why your family does them?

Which of the disciples in this passage do you most identify with?  Why?

Is Jesus’ resurrection important to you?  If not, why not?  If yes, why?

Acting on the Word

Tell someone about how Jesus has touched your life.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 20:1-18

Monday:       Mark 16:1-8

Tuesday:       Matthew 27:62–28:10

Wednesday:   Luke 23:55-24:12

Thursday:      John 2:18–22

Friday:          1 Corinthians 15:3–8

Saturday:       John 20:1-18 (in preparation for Sunday’s reading)


Sunday-Wednesday: What is similar between these accounts of Jesus’ resurrection? What is unique to each Gospel?

Thursday & Friday: What do these passages have to do with Easter?

Saturday: What about this passage strikes you differently today?

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March 25, 2018: Palm Sunday

Discussion Questions

What do you like most about parades?

Do you have a favorite Palm Sunday memory?

Why do you think people were so excited when Jesus entered Jerusalem, but so reluctant to listen and believe him later?

What do you find hard to believe about Jesus’ message?


Acting on the Word

Pray for God to soften your heart.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 12:12-19

Monday:        John 12:20-36a

Tuesday:       John 12:36b-43

Wednesday:   John 12:44-50

Thursday:      John 13:1-28

Friday:          John 19:16-37

Saturday:       John 19:38-42


What do you learn about who Jesus is from these passages?

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March 18, 2018: Raising of Lazarus

Sunday:         John 11:1-44

Monday:       John 3:15-16

Tuesday:       John 4:46-54

Wednesday:   John 5:26-30

Thursday:      John 6:35-40

Friday:          John 6:61-69

Saturday:     John 12:23-26


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March 11, 2018: Living Water

Discussion Questions

“Living Water” is a term often used of flowing water, like rivers and streams, as opposed to the “still” water of lakes and ponds.  Do you have a favorite river or stream?  If so, why is it your favorite?

In what ways is the Holy Spirit like “living water”?

How does the Holy Spirit work through you?


Acting on the Word

Each day, intentionally give of yourself to someone you encounter, in the name of Jesus.  A few ideas:  pay for someone’s meal or groceries; help someone with a task or project; donate to a Christian organization that helps the poor, the persecuted, or the refugee.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         John 7:37-52     Living Water

Monday:       John 8:2-11       Woman caught in Adultery

Tuesday:       John 8:12-29     Light of the World

Wednesday:   John 9:1-41       Jesus heals the Man Born Blind

Thursday:      John 10:1-21     Good Shepherd

Friday:          John 10:22-30   Jewish opposition in the temple

Saturday:       John 10:31-39   Jesus threatened with stoning


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