February 4, 2018: Two Kinds of Blindness

Discussion Questions

Do you have any experience with blindness or diminished sight?  What was/it like?

Have you ever felt like someone hasn’t really seen you?

Have you ever discovered you were “blind” to a situation?  What was it like to finally “See” it?


Acting on the Word

Each day, take at least 5 minutes to pause and really see: Take note of everything in your range of vision.  Thank God for the good things; pray for those things you see that trouble you.  If you have diminished vision, try this exercise with another sense (hearing, touch, or taste).


Daily Readings

Sunday:          John 9:1-23

Monday:         John 9:24-41

Tuesday:         John 10:19-21

Wednesday:    John 11:32-37

Thursday:       John 12:36-46

Friday:            1 John 2:8-11

Saturday:        Revelation 3:14-17

What role does blindness play in this passage?  How are people blind?  How does Jesus try to help people see more clearly?


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