September 24: Jacob’s Dream


September 17, 2017:  Jacob’s Dream


Discussion Questions

Describe a significant or memorable dream; what do you think it means?

When have you unexpectedly discovered God’s presence?

How has God used others to bless you?

How has God used you to bless others?


Acting on the Word

Each morning, when you first wake up, write down the dreams your remember.  During your prayer time, read over what you wrote and ask God if there is a message in your dreams.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Genesis 28:11-22 Jacob’s Dream

Monday:      Genesis 29:15-30 Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

Tuesday:      Genesis 30:1-24   Leah and Rachel compete for children

Wednesday: Genesis 37:2-28   Joseph and his brothers

Thursday:     Genesis 41:37-45 Joseph works for Pharaoh

Friday:         Genesis 47:1-12   Jacob and family settle in Egypt

Saturday:      Exodus 1:8-2:10  Slaves in Egypt; Birth of Moses


What do you learn about Jacob (or Leah & Rachel, or Joseph) in the reading?

What conflicts are evident?

Who do you most identify with?

How is God at work in these readings?


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