September 10, 2017: Creation

September 10, 2017:  Creation


Discussion Questions

What is your favorite part of creation?  Why?

How do you feel when you hear you are made in the image of God?  Why do you think that is?


Acting on the Word

Be intentional this week about caring for creation. A few ideas: If you don’t recycle regularly, practice recycling; pick up trash in a local park; set out bird feeders for migrating birds; strike up a conversation with a stranger.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Genesis 1:1-2:3 An Account of Creation

Monday:      Genesis 6:9-22 Noah builds the ark

Tuesday:      Genesis 7:11-24 The Great Flood

Wednesday: Genesis 8:13-22 The Flood Ends

Thursday:     Genesis 9:1-17 God’s Promise to Noah

Friday:         Genesis 12:1-9 God calls Abram

Saturday:      Genesis 21:1-7 Birth of Isaac


How is God’s image seen (or obscured) in the people in these accounts?

What kind of relationship does God have with them?

Have you experienced that kind of a relationship with God in your own life?  If so, when?  What was it like?


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