October 1: God’s Name and Moses’ Call

Discussion Questions

Why were you given the name you have?

What do you think of “I Am” as God’s name?

Why do you think Moses keeps offering excuses?

When have you offered an excuse to God?

Acting on the Word

At least one day this week, take off your shoes, go outside, and stand on the ground.  Close your eyes, feel the grass and/or soil underneath your feet, and hear God say “this is holy ground.” to you.

Daily Readings

Sunday:        Exodus 3:1-15; 4:10-17

Monday:      Exodus 4:27-5:9

Tuesday:      Exodus 8:1-15

Wednesday: Exodus 12:21-28

Thursday:     Exodus 12:29-36

Friday:         Exodus 14:5-14

Saturday:      Exodus 14:19-31


How does God work through Moses and Aaron?

Why do you think Pharaoh refuses to listen?

The Exodus story is one that spoke strongly to African American slaves and their descendants.  Why do you think this is?  Who is God seeking to free today?

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