February 23, 2020 Transfiguration

Discussion Questions

What is your experience with/opinion of “Makeover” shows?  What kinds of transformations happen there?

When have your expectations or assumptions about someone been overturned?

What images, thoughts, or feelings does the phrase “take up your cross” bring to mind?

What crosses do you own (e.g. jewelry, decoration, bookmarks, etc.). Which is your favorite?  Why?

Acting on the Word

Use a cross during your prayer time this week:  look at a picture of the cross or hold a cross in your hand.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 8:27-9:8

Monday:         Mark 9:9-13

Tuesday:         Mark 8:14-29

Wednesday:    Mark 9:30-37

Thursday:       Mark 9:38-41

Friday:            Mark 9:42-50

Saturday:        Mark 10:1-16

What stands out to you in these readings?  What comforts you?  Challenges you? Raises questions for you?




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