March 1, 2020 Lent 1: What Must I Do?

Discussion Questions

What is your most prized possession?  What would it feel like to sell it or give it up?

What do you think Jesus advised this man to sell everything he had?

Do you think God is asking you to downsize?  If so, in what ways?

How does God expect you to help the poor.


Acting on the Word

Each day, try to identify at least one thing you can give away or sell and donate the proceeds, then do so.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 10:17-31

Monday:         Matthew 6:19-21

Tuesday:         Luke 12:22-34

Wednesday:    Luke 16:10-13

Thursday:       Acts 2:42-27

Friday:            Acts 4:32-26

Saturday:        1 Timothy 6:17-19

What stands out to you in these readings?  What comforts you?  Challenges you? Raises questions for you?

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