Unsung Heroes, July 29: Balaam

Discussion Questions

Who are some people who are seen both as a hero and as a villain?

When has someone not taken your “no” as a final answer?  How did that feel?

When have you missed something God was trying to tell you?

When has it seemed as though God’s answer has changed?


Acting on the Word

When someone tells you “no” this week, accept that answer; don’t try to change their mind.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Numbers 22:1-35

Monday:       Numbers 22:36-23:12

Tuesday:       Numbers 23:13-26

Wednesday:  Numbers 23:27-24:13

Thursday:     Numbers 24:13-25

Friday:          Deuteronomy 23:3–6

Saturday       Revelation 2:12-14

What do you learn about Balaam and about God in each passage?  Is Balaam a hero or a villain?  (Note, you may want to consult a study Bible to learn more about Balaam and how he is portrayed in Scripture.)


Next Week: Gideon.  What can you learn about Gideon between now and next week?

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