Unsung Heroes, August 5: Gideon


Discussion Questions

Have you ever asked for a sign from God?  What happened?

How do you feel about Gideon asking for a sign?  What about his apparent doubt that God will act?

When was a time the task in front of you seemed impossible?  What happened?


Acting on the Word

Spend time in prayer  asking God to tell you what task he wants you to accomplish for him this week. Then do your best to do it.


Daily Readings

Sunday:        Judges 6:11-18

Monday:       Judges 6:19-24

Tuesday:       Judges 6:25-32

Wednesday:  Judges 6:33-40

Thursday:     Judges 7:1-14

Friday:          Judges 7:15-23

Saturday      Judges 8:22-28

What do you learn of Gideon?  What were his strengths?  His faults?  (You may want to read all of Judges 8 for a more troubling side to Gideon).

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