Readings for February 23-March 2, 2014

Sunday, Feb 23, Living Water, John 7:37-52

Monday, Feb 24, The Woman Caught in Adultery John 7:53-8:11  (If using a print Bible, note the brackets around this passage.  Read the notes to see why this is.  In some translations, this passage may appear only in the notes.  If reading online, or if you would like more information, see this article.)

Tuesday, Feb 25, A Question of Testimony John 8:12-20

Wednesday, Feb 26, Where I Am Going… John 8:21-30

Thursday, Feb 27, The Truth Will make You Free John 8:31-38

Friday, Feb 28, Who is From God? John 8:39-47

Saturday, Mar 1, Greater than Abraham John 8:48-59

Sunday, Mar 2, Light of the World, John 9:1-41


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