October 13, 2019: Ruth

Discussion Questions

What do you know about how your ancestors arrived in North America?

How were Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz loyal?  Wise?  Generous?

How does Ruth’s story speak to current issues of immigration and poverty?

Acting on the Word

Like Boaz, keep an eye out for those in need, and find a way to help them.

Daily Readings

Sunday:           Ruth 1

Monday:          Ruth 2
Tuesday:         Ruth 3

Wednesday:     Ruth 4
Thursday:        Genesis 38:1-23       Tamar, Judah, and Perez: Part 1

Friday:            Genesis 38:24-40     Tamar, Judah, and Perez: Part 2

Saturday:         Matthew 1:1-6

What challenges and threats do Ruth and Naomi (or Tamar) face? How do they resolve them?  What risks do they take doing so?  Where is God at work?

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