January 20, 2019: Tempted in the Wilderness

Discussion Questions

When have you heard Scripture quoted and felt like it was being twisted or used as a weapon?

What tempts you the most?

When have you felt as if your faith were being tempted?

Acting on the Word

Pay attention to the voices you hear quoting Scripture or saying, “God says” or “the Bible says.”  At least once, take some time to do some Scripture study of your own about the topic or Scripture.  Pray for guidance to determine if Scripture or God’s will was being used appropriately or not.


Daily Readings

    Sunday:          Matthew 4:1-17         Tempted in the Wilderness

Monday:         Psalm 91                    Psalm

Tuesday:         Genesis 1:26-27         Creation of Humanity

Wednesday:    Genesis 3:1-7            Temptation in the Garden of Eden

Thursday:       Deuteronomy 8:1-10 A Warning from God

Friday:            Matthew 4:18-22       Jesus Calls the First Disciples

Saturday:     Matthew 4:23-25:  Jesus Ministers to Crowds of People

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