February 26, 2017


Devotion: Use this resource at home to guide your household’s daily devotions.


Pray: Open your devotion time with a prayer.

Transfigured Lord, You have transformed all things through the vision of an earth restored. Make us willing participants in your work to reconcile all things again to you, in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.


Read: Read the following daily readings to deepen your understanding of Sunday’s text. After the reading, ask the follow-up questions.

Sunday: Transfiguration, Luke 9:28-45

Monday: Who Is Greatest, Luke 9:46-48
Tuesday: Whoever Is Not Against You Is For You, Luke 9:49-50
Wednesday: The Challenge of Following (Ash Wednesday), Luke 9:51-62

Thursday: Mission of the Seventy, Luke 10:1-12
Friday: Woes to Unrepentant Cities, Luke 10:13-16
Saturday: Seventy Return and Jesus Rejoices, Luke 10:17-24


How does Jesus describe greatness?

Connect: Discuss the following questions.

What was a high point of your day? What was a low point?

Who are your community’s greatest leaders, past or present? How have they shaped your community? How might you become a leader in your community today?

How has God revealed truths about Jesus to you? (Scripture, people, worship, media?) How might you be intentional about giving time to those things that reveal Jesus to you this week?


Do: Do the following activity this week to help make God’s word come alive.

Add light to your home. Here are some ideas. Light candles that you have only used for decoration. Put “fairy lights” in a mason jar. Hang a string of outdoor lights across your living room. Fall asleep with a soft, flickering LED candle in your bedroom. Enjoy the light.


Adapted from Clergy Stuff.  Copyright © 2016 Clergy Stuff. Used and adapted with Permission. Find more at

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