God’s Story, Your Story: September 7-14

Devotion: Use this resource at home to guide your household’s daily devotions. You can do this alone, as a couple, as a family; in the morning, during the day, or at night. Find a routine that works best for you.
Pray: Light a candle and open your devotion time with a prayer.

God of covenant, you promised Noah that you would never again destroy the world by flood. Remind us daily of your intense love for humanity, and help us to love as you love, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Reflect: Reflect on the key verses from Sunday’s reading.

God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations:
I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:12-13

Study: Study the reading and consider the background.

Humankind was wicked in Noah’s day. So wicked, in fact, God regretted having made human beings. So God made the decision to destroy humanity.

But God loved the rest of God’s creation. God chose Noah to be the one to care for God’s creation while the rest of humanity suffered for its sin.

Something changed in God, however, while Noah and his family were caring for the animals and vegetation on the ark. God decided to give humankind another chance through the descendants of Noah. When the flood ended and the water receded, God remembered Noah and his family. God placed a bow in the sky as a reminder to God that God promised never again to destroy humankind by flood for its wickedness.

Read: Read the following daily readings to deepen your understanding of Sunday’s text. After the reading, ask the follow-up questions.

Follow the stories of Noah and his descendants as they lead up to the call of Abraham and God’s covenant with him.

Sunday, Genesis 6:13–22; 7:11–24;8:14–9:17, Flood and Promise

Monday, Genesis 9:18-28, Noah and His Sons

Tuesday, Genesis 10:1-14, Nations Descended from Noah

Wednesday, Genesis 10:15-32, Nations Descended from Noah

Thursday, Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel

Friday, Genesis 11:10-26, Descendants of Shem

Saturday, Genesis 11:27-32, Descendants of Terah

How did God’s promise to one man, Noah, become a promise to a nation? How did the people respond to God’s second chance?

Connect: Connect in conversation with others in your household. Discuss the following questions, or simply check in with “Highs” and “Lows.”

  • What was a high point of your day? What was a low point?
  • How does God’s covenant with Noah shape the relationship humanity has with God today? Where do you see God’s promises lived out in this world?
  • How does God show up in your life? How and where do you connect with God?

Do: By acting on what we learn, we make God’s word come alive. Do the following activity this week.

Donate time or money to a local animal shelter. Remember God’s covenant with Noah and God’s love and care for God’s creation, as Noah helped God save the animals from the flood.

Bless: Close your devotion with a blessing.

God who keeps promises, wash us in your word this day. Shine the light of your love in the darkest parts of our lives. Amen.

Copyright © 2014 Clergy Stuff. Used with Permission. Find more at www.ClergyStuff.com. (Sept 7 reading has been adapted)
Blessing written by Pr. Chip Borgstadt.
Scripture quotations from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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