June 9, 2019: The Spirit at Work

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite prayer?

What images do you connect with the Holy Spirit?

What is the connection between the Spirit and prayer?

Acting on the Word

Spend some time in silent, wordless prayer this week: One way to do so is to sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  Imagine the Holy Spirit moving in and out of your body as you breathe.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 8:18-39      The Spirit and God’s Love

Monday:       Romans 14:1-12      Do Not Judge Another

Tuesday:       Romans 14:13-23    Do Not Make Another Stumble
Wednesday:  Romans 15:1-13      Gospel for All
Thursday:      Romans 15:14-21    Paul’s Reason for Writing So Boldly

Friday:          Romans 15:22-33    Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome

Saturday:       Colossians 1:1-8     Paul Writes to the Colossians

What does Paul say about who we are as followers of Christ?

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June 2, 2019: Dead and Alive

Discussion Questions

What is the first death you remember hearing about?

Was it a relative, a friend, a celebrity?

What words do people use instead of dead/died?  (for example, “passed”)

How do you respond to Paul’s statement that we are dead to sin?

In what ways have you experienced new life in Christ Jesus?


Acting on the Word

Identify one habit or tendency that needs to “die” in you and ask God’s help to leave it behind.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 6:1-14        Dead and Alive

Monday:       Romans 9:19-29      God’s Wrath and Mercy

Tuesday:       Romans 9:30-33      Israel’s Unbelief

Wednesday:  Romans 10:1-21      Salvation for All

Thursday:      Romans 12:1-8        The New Life in Christ

Friday:          Romans 12:9-21      Marks of the True Christian

Saturday:       Romans 13:1-14      Love for One Another

What does Paul say about our lives as followers of Jesus?

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May 26, 2019: God’s Love Poured Out

Discussion Questions

When have you felt most loved by another person?  What did they do to make you feel loved?

What kinds of things do you do when you love someone?

Who do you know (or know of) who gave their life for the sake of others?


Acting on the Word

Practice a random act of kindness toward a stranger or someone you don’t know well each day this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 5:1-11        God’s Love

Monday:       Romans 5:12-21      Adam and Christ

Tuesday:       Romans 6:15-23      Slaves of Righteousness

Wednesday:  Romans 7:1-6          An Analogy of Marriage

Thursday       Romans 7:7-25        The Law and Sin

Friday:          Romans 8:1-17        Life in the Spirit

Saturday:       Romans 9:1-18        God’s Election of Israel

What is Paul saying in these passages?  What puzzles you?  What resonates with you?

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May 19, 2019: A Letter of Introduction

Discussion Questions

How often do you write letters?  What kinds of letters do you write?

What other forms of written communication do you use?

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone new?

When you are writing to someone you don’t know?

How does Paul introduce himself to the Roman Christians?

How does Paul describe the people he is writing to?


Acting on the Word

Write a letter (or an email, or a significant text/message) to someone to encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 1:1-17      Paul’s Introduction

Monday:       Romans 2:1-16      The Danger of Judging

Tuesday        Romans 2:17-3:8   The Limits of the Law

Wednesday:  Romans 3:9-20      None Is Righteous

Thursday:      Romans 3:21-31    Righteousness through Faith

Friday:          Romans 4:1-12      The Example of Abraham

Saturday:       Romans 4:13-25    God’s Promise Realized through Faith

What is Paul’s main point in the passage?  What do you learn about God?  About human nature?

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May 12, 2019: Mistaken Identity

Discussion Questions

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

Why did the confusion happen?  What was it like for you

Have you ever mistaken one person for another?

Why do you think that was?

What was that experience like?

Why did the people of Lystra mistake Paul and Barnabas for Hermes and Zeus?


Acting on the Word

Look for ways that God is at work in the people you meet this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Acts 13:1-3;14:8-18  Paul and Barnabus in Lystra

Monday:       Acts 13:4-12              The Apostles Preach in Cyprus

Tuesday:       Acts 13:13-25            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Wednesday:  Acts 13:26-35            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch

Thursday:      Acts 13:36-52            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Friday:          Acts 14:1-7                Paul and Barnabas in Iconium

Saturday:      Acts 14:8-20              Paul and Barnabas in Lystra & Derbe

This week’s reading fill in the gaps between the first part of Sunday’s readings and the second part of our reading.

How is God at work in Paul and Barnabas?

How is God at work in those they encounter?

What resistance do they encounter?

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May 5, 2019: Peter and Cornelius

Discussion Questions

What kinds of food do you least like?  Why?

What kinds of people were you taught to stay away when you were young?

Why do you think that is?

What did Peter have to give up in order to visit and baptize Cornelius?

Acting on the Word

Have a conversation with someone from a different cultural background than your own.  What do you have in common?  What is different?

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Acts 10: 1-16      Cornelius and Peter Have Visions

Monday:       Acts 10:17-23    Cornelius’ Men Meet Peter

Tuesday:       Acts 10:24-48    Cornelius and Peter Meet

Wednesday:  Acts 11:1-18      Peter’s Report to the Church at Jerusalem

Thursday:      Acts 11:19-30    The Church in Antioch

Friday:          Acts 12:1-19      Peter in Prison

Saturday:       Acts 12:20-25    The Death of Herod


How are Jesus’ followers making disciples?

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April 28, 2019: Go Make Disciples

Discussion Questions

Do you like to travel or do you prefer to stay home?

What does the word “disciple” mean to you?

Do you think of yourself as a disciple?  Why or why not?

How do you live out Jesus’ command to go and make disciples?

Acting on the Word

Talk with someone about your faith.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 28:16-20     The Great Commission

Monday:       Acts 6:1-8                     Stephen and others Chosen
Tuesday:       Acts 7:54-8:1               Stoning of Stephen

Wednesday:  Acts 8:4-25                 Philip Preaches in Samaria

Thursday:    Acts 8:26-40                 Philip and the Ethopian Eunuch
Friday:          Acts 9:1-19                   The Conversion of Saul

Saturday:       Acts 9:36-43               Peter in Lydda and Joppa 

How do the apostles and others make disciples in these passages?

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