Praying the Scriptures

As we close out the week, I wanted to offer one more approach to reading Scripture, that of reading Scripture to, that of turning the verses you have read into prayer. As with every other approach, there are many ways to do so, but here is one method, adapted from the method our parish used to write Psalm prayers as part of our Lenten devotional last year.

Read the passage through 2-3 times

Questions to ask: (not all questions may apply

  What words, phrases, or images stand out to you?

  What emotions, memories or thoughts does the passage evoke in you?

  What is God called?

  How is God described?

  What is God doing?

  What do the people in the passage need from God?  What are they thankful for?

Look back through your responses:  what seems most important/moving/notable to you?

Put those things together in the form of a prayer.

A structure for a prayer (ONE option!)

  Address God

     Description of what God does

  Requests/Intercessions OR Praises/thanks



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