All In-Person Activities Cancelled

Members and friends of Glidden, Lanesboro, and Lohrville United Methodist Churches:  Jesus tells us that we must be “Wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”  (Matthew 10:6)  As COVID-19 infections spread, being wise and innocent means not putting ourselves or our neighbors at risk.  To that end, we will not hold in person worship or any other in person activity at the churches for the time being.  This includes Charge Conference that was scheduled for Tuesday evening.  I and other leaders will be working on ways to stay connected and to worship “together apart” during this time.  We will be sending out an email and snail mail letter with more information and posting regular updates on the website and our Facebook pages.  Please feel free to call the church office or Pastor Lorinda if you have questions or have needs at this time.  God is with us.  God’s love will not fail us.

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