March 15, 2020 Lent 3: What are the Consequences? AND/OR: Who’s in Charge?

Discussion Questions

Why do the tenants treat the servants and the son so badly?

What do they owe the vineyard owner?

What do you “owe” God?

Why does it matter whose face is on the coin?

How have you had to decide between “Caesar” and God?

Acting on the Word

Give back to God this week by giving some of your resources (whether that is money, time, or talents) to someone who needs assistance.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 12:1-17 (or Mark 12:1-12)

Monday:         Matthew 21:33-46

Tuesday:         Luke 20:9-19

Wednesday:    Mark 12:13-17

Thursday:       Luke 20:20-26

Friday:            Matthew 22:15-22

Saturday:        Mark 12:18-27

How are the parable of the Tenants and the questions about paying taxes different and the same in these three Gospels?

What questions appear in these passages? What questions do they evoke for you?

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