Worship Plans for March 15

Worship is still on at Lanesboro, Lohrville, and Glidden United Methodist Churches tomorrow (March 15).

Yesterday Church leaders consulted with County Health Departments and checked CDC guidelines, and determined that cancelling in person worship was not necessary at this time. We will be making some modifications to our worship practices, including putting the offering plates out near the entrance to the worship space instead of passing them, and not shaking hands.

That said: 1) If you are over 70 and have health complications or are of any age and have lowered immune response, we encourage you to be extra safe and consider staying home. 2) If you feel at all ill, please stay home for the safety of others. Pastor Lorinda will be modeling this herself: She has a slight (very slight!) cold and will not be in worship this weekend out of an abundance of caution.

Below are some links in the comments to online worship services that will be using the same Scriptures we are using in worship. We will also email out the bulletin and insert to everyone in the congregation that Pastor Lorinda has an email for. If you don’t have one by Sunday morning and would like one, please contact her with your email address.

Live Stream options for tomorrow (all times are central; all churches just happen to be in Minnesota):

10 am Easter Lutheran Church: https://easter.org/wordpress/?page_id=10443&fbclid=IwAR3H1iVct9BRE9ao1tcLt58Gqn6BihznxI1W1DT-St7ihQkyrD8eWldoDV8

10 am Aldersgate United Methodist MN:

9:15 (Traditional) and 10:45 (Contemporary) Immanuel Lutheran also available “on demand”

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