March 8, 2020 Lent 2: What do you want?

Discussion Questions

Why do you think James and John made the request they did?

What is the difference between what James & John and Bartimaeus ask?

How do you distinguish between wants and needs?

What do you want from Jesus?  Why do you want it?

Acting on the Word

Make a list of the things you want. Spend some time reflecting on why you want these things.  What on this list are things you pray for?

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 10:32-45

Monday:         Mark 10:46-52

Tuesday:         Mark 11:1-11

Wednesday:    Mark 11:12-19

Thursday:       Mark 11:20-26

Friday:            Mark 11:27-33

Saturday:        Isaiah 53:3-6

What questions appear in these passages? What questions do they evoke for you?

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