February 9, 2020 The Mission of the 12

Discussion Questions

What do you like most and/or least about traveling?

How do you like meeting new people?

When have you been “out of your comfort zone”?  What was the experience like for you?


Acting on the Word

When you are out and about this week, be intentional about looking for ways God can use you as you interact with the people you encounter.  Where can you offer healing? Forgiveness? Mercy? Kindness?  What happens when you do?


Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 6:1-6

Monday:         Mark 6:7-16

Tuesday:         Mark 6:17-29 

Wednesday:    Mark 6:30-34

Thursday:       Mark 6:35-44

Friday:            Mark 6:45-52

Saturday:        Mark 6:53-56

How does God work through Jesus and/or the disciples in these passages?  What is God asking of you in these verses?

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