January 26, 2020: Fear of Healing?

Discussion Questions

How do you feel about going to the doctor?

How consistent are you about doing things that are best for your health (like eat healthy, exercise, take your medicines, etc.)?  Why do you think that is?

What goes through your mind and what do you feel when someone you care about avoids or delays doing what is best for their health?


Acting on the Word

Spend some time in meditative prayer about a healthy habit you struggle to live out.  Ask God to help you understand where the resistance is coming from and to lead you to a better place.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 5:1-20

Monday:         Matthew 8:28-34

Tuesday:         Luke 8:26-39

Wednesday:    Daniel 4:28–37

Thursday:       Acts 16:16-24

Friday:            Acts 16:25-34

Saturday:        Acts 16:35-40

The Monday and Tuesday readings are Matthew and Luke’s versions of Mark’s account of the healing of the man from Gerasa.  How are they the same?  Different?

The rest of the week’s stories concern healing and responses to healing.  Who is healed? How do they and others respond?

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