January 12, 2020 Forgiveness or Rules?

Discussion Questions

What church rules or expectations have changed over your lifetime?

Why do you think they changed?  How do you feel about the changes?

When are rules and expectations a good thing?

When do rules or expectations get in the way of what God is doing?

What new things is God doing in our community?

What “old wineskins” need to be left behind?

Acting on the Word

Be kind and welcoming to someone who you are tempted to label as a sinner or an outsider.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 2:1-11

Monday:         Mark 2:12-22

Tuesday:         Mark 2:23-28

Wednesday:    Mark 3:1-6

Thursday:       Mark 3:7-12

Friday:            Mark 3:13-19

Saturday:        Mark 3:20-35

Is Jesus breaking any “rules” in these passages?  Why or why not?  When others object, why do they?       



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