January 5, 2020 Jesus’ Baptism

Discussion Questions

Share what you remember from the last baptism you witnessed.

When have you had a sense of calling or being sent on a mission?

How are baptism and mission related?

Who invited you to be a follower of Jesus?

Acting on the Word

    Invite someone to worship or another church activity this week.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Mark 1:1-8

Monday:         Mark 1:9-13

Tuesday:         Mark 1:14-20

Wednesday:    Mark 1:21-28

Thursday:       Mark 1:29-34

Friday:            Mark 1:35-39

Saturday:        Mark 1:40-45

Read each passage through slowly, 2 or 3 times; what word or phrase stands out to you?  Spend some time reflecting on that word.  What is God saying to you today through this verse?

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