December 29, 2019: Pre-teen Jesus Re-Learn

Discussion Questions

What kinds of family trips did you go on as a child?

Did you ever get separated from your parents (or from your child) on a trip?

If so, what was that like?

What do you think Jesus was like as a child?

What challenges do you think Mary and Joseph faced raising Jesus?

Acting on the Word

    Do something to bring joy or comfort to a child in your life this week.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Luke 2:29-52

Monday:         Matthew 18:1-5

Tuesday:         Mark 9:33-37

Wednesday:    Luke 9:46-48

Thursday:       Matthew 19:13-15

Friday:            Mark 10:13-16

Saturday:        Luke 18:15-17

Monday-Wednesday readings and Thursday-Saturday readings are parallels: that is all three readings appear to tell of the same event.  What is the same?  What is different?  What is the role of the child or children?

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