December 22, 2019: Zechariah’s Surprise Rejoice

Discussion Questions

How do you feel about surprises?

Describe a surprise that brought you joy.

How would you have felt if you were Zechariah?  Elizabeth?

What do you think the 9 months of Elizabeth’s pregnancy were like for them?

Acting on the Word

    Surprise someone with a random act of kindness.

Daily Readings (OR: Read from the Advent Devotional)

Sunday:          Luke 1:5-56

Monday:         Luke 1:57-80

Tuesday:         Luke 2:1-20

Wednesday:    Luke 2:21-38

Thursday:       Matthew 2:1-12

Friday:            Matthew 2:13-18

Saturday:        Matthew 2:19-23

How is God at work?  Is there joy present?  In what ways?

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