December 1, 2019: Re-Balance (Jeremiah)

Discussion Questions

What does “balance” mean to you?

Does your life feel “in balance” or “out of balance?”

In what ways is the world “out of balance?”

How is God bringing about a new balance?

What do you think that will look like?


Acting on the Word

    Do a random act of kindness this week for someone.


Daily Readings (OR: Read from the Advent Devotional)

Sunday:          Jeremiah 33:5b-16

Monday:         Jeremiah 34:8-17

Tuesday:         Jeremiah 37:1-10

Wednesday:    Jeremiah 37:11-21

Thursday:       Jeremiah 39:1-10

Friday:            Jeremiah 40:1-6

Saturday:        Jeremiah 43:1-7

Where is the hope and the promise in these passages? (Or is there hope and promise?) How is God at work?

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