November 17, 2019 Isaiah-The Vineyard and the Branch

Discussion Questions

What kinds of experience have you had with plants?

In what ways does God provide for/protect the vineyard in Isaiah 5?

In what ways does God provide for/protect us?

How does the promise in Isaiah 11 relate to the lament in Isaiah 5?

Acting on the Word

    Find a way to tend a plant this week.  What does that experience tell you about caring for people?

 Daily Readings

Sunday:          Isaiah 5:1-7 

Monday:         Isaiah 11:1-5

Tuesday:         2 Kings 18:28-35

Wednesday:    2 Kings 19:1-7

Thursday:       2 Kings 20:1-11

Friday:            2 Kings 20:12-21

Saturday:        2 Kings 21:1-9


What choices do the leaders and/or people of Judah make?  What does God do and say in these passages?

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