September 29, 2019: Moses and God’s Name Encounter

Discussion Questions

What do you know about your name? Does it have a particular meaning?

Are you named after someone?  If so, what do you know about them?

Where or when do you feel closest to God? What does that feel like?

Describe or reflect on a time you had a sense that God was calling you to a task.

Acting on the Word

Take home the paper flame that was handed out today.  Maybe write a word or phrase on it that speaks to you of an encounter with God.  Put it somewhere where you will see it each day: the fridge door, a bathroom mirror, etc.  Use it to remind you that God is present and ask God to help you recognize your encounters with God this day.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Exodus 1:8-14

Monday:       Exodus 3:1-15
Tuesday:       Exodus 6:1-13

Wednesday:  Exodus 11:1-7, Exodus 12:29-32
Thursday:     Exodus 14:5-31

Friday:          Exodus 16:1-8

Saturday:      Exodus 19:1-8

Who encounters God in this passage?  What does God ask or expect of them?


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