September 15, 2019: Community Abraham, Sarah & Visitors

Discussion Questions

What kinds of things make you laugh?

When have you offered hospitality to strangers?

What went well?  What was challenging?

When have you felt unseen, only to learn someone noticed you as the visitors noticed Sarah?

Who are the unseen members of our community?

Acting on the Word

Pay attention this week to those who are working behind the scenes.  Find a way to notice and acknowledge them.

Daily Readings

Sunday:        Genesis 18:1-15       Three Visitors for Abraham and Sarah

Monday:       Genesis 21:1-7        Isaac is Born to Sarah and Abraham
Tuesday:       Genesis 25:19-28     Jacob and Esau born to Isaac and Rebekah

Wednesday:  Genesis 27:1-40       Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac
Thursday:     Genesis 27:41-18:5  Jacob Leaves Home

Friday:          Genesis 29:13-30     Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

Saturday:      Genesis 31:1-18       Jacob flees Laban

What surprises you about these “origin stories”?  What is familiar to you?  What questions do you have?  Take some time to ponder these questions, perhaps journaling about them.


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