September 8, 2019: Garden of Eden

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite type of animal?  Why?

Do you have or have you had a pet?  If so, how has it been a companion to you?

Do you enjoy being alone, or do you prefer to have company?


Acting on the Word

Spend some time outdoors this week, paying particular attention to the animals you see.  Offer up a prayer of thanks to God for creation.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Genesis 2:4b-25

Monday:       Genesis 3:1-24
Tuesday:       Genesis 4:1-16

Wednesday:  Genesis 7:1-23
Thursday:      Genesis 9:1-17

Friday:          Genesis 11:26-32

Saturday:       Genesis 12:1-9

What words or ideas stand out to you?  What questions do you have?


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