August 25, 2019: The Immigrant

Discussion Questions

Where do your ancestors come from?

What do you know about why your ancestors came to this country?

What first- or second-generation immigrants have you known personally?

What are your thoughts or feelings about Scripture passages that call us to care for immigrants?  (See the daily readings below)


Acting on the Word

Learn part of the story of a first-generation immigrant—preferably in person, but research online if need be.  What brought them to this country?  What do they miss about the “old country”?  What do they most appreciate here?  How is their story similar and different to your family’s story?


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Genesis 47:1–12

Monday:       Exodus 22:21–23

Tuesday:       Leviticus 19:33–34

Wednesday:  Deuteronomy 10:14–19

Thursday:      Jeremiah 7:1–7

Friday:          Psalm 146:6-9

Saturday:       Galatians 3:26–29

What does each passage say about immigrant/foreigners/strangers?


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