July 28, 2019 Growing Old Takes Faith

Discussion Question

How did/does your family talk about age and aging?

How do you feel about birthdays and turning another year older?

What do you miss from your younger years?

What aspects of your life are better/more enjoyable now than when you were younger?

Acting on the Word

Spend some time in prayer this week seeking the tasks God has for you in this stage of your life.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Genesis 7:1–7

Monday:        Genesis 9:28–29

Tuesday:        Hebrews 11:7
Wednesday    Genesis 12:1–4
Thursday:       Hebrews 11:8
Friday:           Genesis 17:15–19

Saturday:        Hebrews 11:11–12

Read the passage out loud, slowly, at least twice.  Then spend a few minutes pondering a word, phrase, or image that stands out to you.  What does it evoke within you? How old were these saints?

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