July 21, 2019 Do Not Worry…Seriously, Jesus?

Discussion Question

Who are the worriers in your family or friend group?

What kinds of things do you worry about?

What things ease your worries?

Acting on the Word

When you find yourself worried this week, try to release that worry to God.

Daily Readings

Sunday:          Matthew 6:25-34

Monday:        Psalm 94:16-19

Tuesday:        Mark 4:18-20

Wednesday:   Mark 13:9-11

Thursday:       Luke 10:38-41         

Friday:           Luke 12:22-32

Saturday:        1 Peter 5:6-8

Read the passage out loud, slowly, at least twice.  Then spend a few minutes pondering a word, phrase, or image that stands out to you.  What does it evoke within you? What does it say about worry?

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