June 2, 2019: Dead and Alive

Discussion Questions

What is the first death you remember hearing about?

Was it a relative, a friend, a celebrity?

What words do people use instead of dead/died?  (for example, “passed”)

How do you respond to Paul’s statement that we are dead to sin?

In what ways have you experienced new life in Christ Jesus?


Acting on the Word

Identify one habit or tendency that needs to “die” in you and ask God’s help to leave it behind.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 6:1-14        Dead and Alive

Monday:       Romans 9:19-29      God’s Wrath and Mercy

Tuesday:       Romans 9:30-33      Israel’s Unbelief

Wednesday:  Romans 10:1-21      Salvation for All

Thursday:      Romans 12:1-8        The New Life in Christ

Friday:          Romans 12:9-21      Marks of the True Christian

Saturday:       Romans 13:1-14      Love for One Another

What does Paul say about our lives as followers of Jesus?

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