May 26, 2019: God’s Love Poured Out

Discussion Questions

When have you felt most loved by another person?  What did they do to make you feel loved?

What kinds of things do you do when you love someone?

Who do you know (or know of) who gave their life for the sake of others?


Acting on the Word

Practice a random act of kindness toward a stranger or someone you don’t know well each day this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 5:1-11        God’s Love

Monday:       Romans 5:12-21      Adam and Christ

Tuesday:       Romans 6:15-23      Slaves of Righteousness

Wednesday:  Romans 7:1-6          An Analogy of Marriage

Thursday       Romans 7:7-25        The Law and Sin

Friday:          Romans 8:1-17        Life in the Spirit

Saturday:       Romans 9:1-18        God’s Election of Israel

What is Paul saying in these passages?  What puzzles you?  What resonates with you?

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