May 19, 2019: A Letter of Introduction

Discussion Questions

How often do you write letters?  What kinds of letters do you write?

What other forms of written communication do you use?

How do you introduce yourself when you meet someone new?

When you are writing to someone you don’t know?

How does Paul introduce himself to the Roman Christians?

How does Paul describe the people he is writing to?


Acting on the Word

Write a letter (or an email, or a significant text/message) to someone to encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Romans 1:1-17      Paul’s Introduction

Monday:       Romans 2:1-16      The Danger of Judging

Tuesday        Romans 2:17-3:8   The Limits of the Law

Wednesday:  Romans 3:9-20      None Is Righteous

Thursday:      Romans 3:21-31    Righteousness through Faith

Friday:          Romans 4:1-12      The Example of Abraham

Saturday:       Romans 4:13-25    God’s Promise Realized through Faith

What is Paul’s main point in the passage?  What do you learn about God?  About human nature?

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