May 12, 2019: Mistaken Identity

Discussion Questions

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

Why did the confusion happen?  What was it like for you

Have you ever mistaken one person for another?

Why do you think that was?

What was that experience like?

Why did the people of Lystra mistake Paul and Barnabas for Hermes and Zeus?


Acting on the Word

Look for ways that God is at work in the people you meet this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Acts 13:1-3;14:8-18  Paul and Barnabus in Lystra

Monday:       Acts 13:4-12              The Apostles Preach in Cyprus

Tuesday:       Acts 13:13-25            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Wednesday:  Acts 13:26-35            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch

Thursday:      Acts 13:36-52            Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
Friday:          Acts 14:1-7                Paul and Barnabas in Iconium

Saturday:      Acts 14:8-20              Paul and Barnabas in Lystra & Derbe

This week’s reading fill in the gaps between the first part of Sunday’s readings and the second part of our reading.

How is God at work in Paul and Barnabas?

How is God at work in those they encounter?

What resistance do they encounter?

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