April 21, 2019: Easter

Discussion Questions

What is your favorite Easter memory?

Who do you know who has heard about Jesus but has not embraced faith in Jesus?  Why do you think this is?

How have you encountered Jesus in your own life?


Acting on the Word

Ask someone you know who isn’t active in church what they think/believe about Jesus and why.  Don’t try to change their mind or argue with them, just listen to their answers and thank them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 27:62–28:15  Jesus’ Resurrection

Monday:       Psalm 118:14-29          Psalm
Tuesday:       Acts 1:1-11                   Jesus Ascends

Wednesday:  Acts 1:12-26              Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas
Thursday:      Acts 2:37-42                 The First Converts
Friday:          Acts 5:12-16                 The Apostles Heal Many

Saturday:       Acts 5:17-42                 The Apostles are Persecuted

How is God at work in each reading?

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