April 14, 2019: Palm/Passion Sunday

Discussion Questions

Do you like parades?  What do you most (or least) enjoy about them?

If you remember Palm Sunday celebrations from your childhood what do you remember about them?

What parts of the Passion story (Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion) are most significant to you? Why?

Acting on the Word

Attend Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday services this week.  Spend some time in prayer with the readings for the week, reflecting on what Jesus has done for us.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 21:11-17      Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Monday:       Matthew 21:23-27      Jesus’ Authority Challenged
Tuesday:       Matthew 23:23-39      Woes Against the Pharisees

Wednesday:  Matthew 26:1-16        The Plot Against Jesus

Thursday:      Matthew 26:17-35      The Last Supper

Friday:          Matthew 27:27-61      Crucifixion

Saturday:       Matthew 27:62-66      The Guard at the Tomb


What is happening in each reading?  What is Jesus doing?  What are the disciples doing? What are others doing?


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