March 31, 2019: Waiting Bridesmaids

Discussion Questions

Do you find it easy or hard to wait for something?

When have you had to wait longer than you anticipated?  How did you respond?

Are you always prepared, or are you more likely to wing it?


Acting on the Word

Whenever you have to wait this week (in line at the store, to meet someone, etc.), use the time you wait to pray.  Does that change your experience of waiting?


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 25:1-13        The Parable of the Bridesmaids

Monday:       Psalm 90                     Psalm
Tuesday:       Matthew 22:15-33      Questions for Jesus

Wednesday:  Matthew 22:34-46      The Greatest Commandment
Thursday,:     Matthew 23:1-36        Woes
Friday:          Matthew 23:37-39      Lament over Jerusalem

Saturday:       Matthew 24:1-28        Teachings of Jesus

What do you learn about being a disciple of Jesus from these readings?

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