March 24, 2019: Invited to the Feast

Discussion Questions

Do you like attending wedding receptions?  Why or why not?

Have you ever turned down an invitation to a party?  Why or why not?

In what ways is gathering for worship like gathering for a party?

What things in your life make you “too busy” to spend time partying with Jesus?


Acting on the Word

Invite someone to join you for a party, a meal together, a cup of coffee, or for worship.  If they agree, pay attention for ways God is present with you as you are together.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 22:1-14        Parable of the Wedding Banquet

Monday:       Psalm 81                     Psalm
Tuesday:       Matthew 20:17-34      Works of Jesus

Wednesday:  Matthew 21:18-22      The Fig Tree

Thursday:      Matthew 21:23-27      The Authority of Jesus Questioned

Friday:          Matthew 21:28-32      Parables of Jesus

Saturday:       Matthew 21:33-46      Parables of Jesus


What do you learn about being a disciple of Jesus from these readings?

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