March 17, 2019: Generosity or Fairness?

Discussion Questions

When have you felt you were treated unfairly by an employer?

When has your generosity been questioned by others?

When have you been shown grace?


Acting on the Word

Pay attention for those moments when you feel resentful about another’s good fortune.  Try to respond to your annoyance by praying for them and for yourself.


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 20:1-16        Parable: The Generous Boss

Monday:       Psalm 16:5-11             Psalm
Tuesday        Matthew 16:1-12        Teachings of Jesus

Wednesday:  Matthew 16:13-23    Jesus Foretells His Death
Thursday:      Matthew 17:9-27        Teachings of Jesus

Friday:          Matthew 18:10-14      Parables of Jesus

Saturday:       Matthew 19:1-30,       Teachings of Jesus


What do you learn about being a disciple of Jesus from these readings?

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