March 10, 2019: Unforgiving Servant

Discussion Questions

Have you ever loaned money to someone and not been repaid?

How did that feel?

Have you had to repay a loan?  What was that like?

What do you find the hardest to forgive?

When have you experienced forgiveness from others?

Acting on the Word

Identify those you need to forgive, and work on forgiving them.

Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 18:15-35      Forgiveness

Monday:       Psalm 65                     Psalm

Tuesday:       Matthew 14:1-12        Death of John the Baptist

Wednesday:  Matthew 14:34-15:9   Teachings of Jesus

Thursday:      Matthew 15:10-20      Teachings of Jesus

Friday:          Matthew 15:21-28      Teachings of Jesus

Saturday:       Matthew 15:29-39      Teachings of Jesus

What do these passages say about what it means to follow Jesus and/or obey God?

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