March 3, 2019: Cross and Glory

Discussion Questions

What do you think or feel when you see a cross?

What does “take up your cross” mean to you?

Do you feel closer to God or farther from God when things are difficult?

Have you ever had a “mountaintop” experience?  What was it like?


Acting on the Word

Use a cross or a crucifix as a focus for prayer this week.  Hold or gaze at a cross for at least 10 minutes, prayerfully reflecting on the meaning of the cross in your life


Daily Readings

Sunday:         Matthew 16:21-17:8   Cross and Transfiguration

Monday:       Psalm 41:7-10              Psalm
Tuesday:       Matthew 13:47-53      Parables of Jesus

Wednesday:  Matthew 18:1-9          Who Is the Greatest?

Thursday:      Psalm 146:7c-10        Psalm
Friday:          Psalm 51:1-3                Psalm
Saturday:       Matthew 13:54-58    Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth

Does the reading relate more to theology of cross or a theology of  glory?

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