February 10, 2019: The Golden Rule

Living in Humility

Discussion Questions

What do you have the least patience with in others?

How easy is it for you to ask for help?

When have you felt judged by others?  What was that like?

When have you judged other people?  Why do you think you did so?


Acting on the Word

Identify a person or group of people you tend to judge.  Pray each day for God’s mercy for them and ask God to help you see good in them.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          Matthew 7:1-14, 24-29    The Golden Rule

Monday:         Psalm 37:1-11                    Psalm

Tuesday:         Matthew 9:9-17                Call of Matthew

Wednesday:    Matthew 8:18-27             Miracles of Jesus

Thursday:       Matthew 8:28-9:8            Healings of Jesus

Friday:            Matthew 9:18-38              Healings of Jesus

Saturday:        Matthew 10:1-15              The Twelve Apostles


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