February 3, 2019: The Lord’s Prayer

Discussion Questions

What are your first memories of learning the Lord’s Prayer?

What version of the Lord’s Prayer did you grow up with?

Do you prefer memorized prayers—like the Lord’s Prayer—or do you prefer to use your own words?


Acting on the Word

Pray the Lord’s Prayer each day this week.


Daily Readings

Sunday:          Matthew 6:7-21     The Lord’s Prayer/Treasure in Heaven

Monday:         Psalm 145:1–13a   Psalm

Tuesday:         Matthew 6:22-24   Teachings of Jesus

Wednesday:    Matthew 6:25-34   Teachings of Jesus

Thursday:       Matthew 7:15-20   Teachings of Jesus

Friday:            Matthew 7:21-23   Teachings of Jesus

Saturday         Matthew 8:1-17    Healings of Jesus

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