November 25, 2018: Jeremiah Calls for Change

Discussion Questions

Where do you feel safest?  Why do you think that is?

What are some ways our society takes advantage of the immigrant, the widow, and the orphan?

What are some ways God is calling you to change how you relate to the immigrant, the widow and/or the orphan?

Where do you see perjury or false witness occurring?

How might God be calling you to change how you speak/what you say to be more truthful?


Acting on the Word

Find a way to do something concrete to help an immigrant, a widow, or an orphan.


Daily Readings

Sunday:           Jeremiah 7:1-11   Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon

Monday:          Jeremiah 7:16-34, The People’s Disobedience

Tuesday:         Jeremiah 8:18-9:11, The Prophet Mourns for the People

Wednesday:    Jeremiah 10:1-10, Idolatry Has Brought Ruin on Israel

Thursday:        Jeremiah 10:11-16, Idolatry Has Brought Ruin on Israel

Friday:            Jeremiah 10:17-25, The Coming Exile

Saturday:         Jeremiah 11:1-17, Israel and Judah Have Broken the Covenant


What have the people of Judah/Israel done wrong? How can their mistakes inform your choices?

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